Why I love liberating lives

Life under the oppressive regime in Czechoslovakia took me to Germany in my early twenties, and then to the U.K. Here I discovered my vocation - to help those confronting physical impairment, emotional overwhelm and neurological irregularities or struggling to care for them.

I began working as a teaching assistant at a special needs school. I found it hugely rewarding! This led me to train further and then work in families as a nanny looking after cerebral palsy and developmentally delayed children.

Seeing the lack of support for stroke survivors has prompted me to develop this specialism.

Perhaps I was not meant to have my own children so I could devote my time to bringing hope and harmony to many other families and couples. Certainly it’s work which brings priceless gifts as I see people set free from an exhausting emotional roller-coaster of mere survival.


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The best pair of professional tools to help

Handle® and Kinesiology: these two modalities complement each other like a pair of hands - providing holistic, practical solutions.

  • The HANDLE approach has helped thousands worldwide to move from dysfunction to function. As a trained HANDLE Screener I am qualified to work with five-year olds , upwards delivering rhythmic organised movements - HANDLE activities - which help the brain and body build new neuro pathways. More about HANDLE

  • As qualified in a foundation in systematic kinesiology I am able to see what are the underlying factors making things worse - a simple dietary solution could prompt significant behavioural changes. More about Kinesiology

My experience and qualifications

A full list of my qualifications can be found here. Equally important is the expertise of a decade’s experience. Oh, and drawing up buckets of patience, having a non-judgemental approach, passion and deep understanding for what’s possible too!

Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?