Gentle Integration Therapies

Hope with natural solutions which delivers answers

To children or teenagers with ADHD, stroke survivors and those sharing their lives, life can feel without hope. I’m Lida Hewitt and my entire working life has been spent demonstrating hope is only hiding. Things can be different. Yes, better. It’s why I have developed Gentle Integration Therapies.

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Through non-judgemental eyes I look at children and adults and see who they truly are.


 A journey to hope 


Sometimes we feel our worlds have been hijacked by an event or situation. From being stuck in feelings of inadequacy or overwhelm, clients and their families discover there is a path to hope. Calm, smiles and clear ways forward are waiting for you! 

I am trained in two highly respected methodologies – HANDLE® and Kinesiology.

These two modalities complement each other very well like two pair of hands. I provide a programme to combine them together to support you and to take you on this journey to hope.

When someone close to us is unable to function without help, diagnoses and labels can be confusing, depressing and scary.

Gentle Integration Therapies removes these obstacles to progress. Understanding the reasons behind behaviours brings release and lead to what I call the ‘Aha and Oh!’ moments. They enable clients to take their first steps to freedom.


Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?

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Who do I help? 

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Survivors Programme

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Thrive with ADHD Programme

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You, too - Parents, Partners who became Carers

The complex emotional and physical needs of parents, wives, husbands and partners involved with the client need to be taken care of too. Addressing these – usually using kinesiology – is integral to achieving the best outcomes. It makes the Gentle Integration Therapies model unique and underpins its success.
My practise is based in Cheam, Surrey and I’m happy to travel within the M25 border. Sessions are live, interactive, individually tailored and learning is gently progressive.

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?