The Programme consists of 8 sessions:

The Exploration Visit

The Journey

YES! Three Sessions for Parents and Partners

Client Activities Check Off

First Review

Destination Review


Exploration visit

Having created a safe space in which the client feels comfortable, we go on an experiential and information gathering exploration together. It’s when I assess how life is now. Within the HANDLE® approach this vital time when I ask the client to do things is called screening. It’s enjoyable and there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers. The Exploration Visit enables me to understand how the client’s body and mind work together and can take place either at my Practice or at the client’s home.

Time: 45-60 minutes 

The journey

At this session I talk to the client and his family about my findings and how we are going to help the client. I love this part of the programme as the client and parents or spouse / partner finally begin to understand what’s going on. I teach the client and his family the HANDLE activities to address client’s needs. Each client is different but the number of activities is usually between 4-12. The client leaves with all the user-friendly tools required to make the daily journey to freedom and independence.

Perhaps what has been viewed as ‘lazy’ or ‘dreamer/ fidgety’ has been the client’s way of protecting his overwhelmed senses or a loved one’s memory is more impaired than a partner realised (what I call the ‘Aha! and Oh! moments). Insights and realisations instantly created deeper connection. The clients feel understood and often the parents / spouse suddenly see their children/ partners with different eyes. These realisations - the ‘aha’ and ‘oh’ moments are priceless! It’s why I love the HANDLE approach. At this point we have started walking the journey to hope. 

Time: 90minutes  

YES! time for parents, partners or carers

Where emotional and physical family / relationship support is provided through kinesiology.  Although two sessions are included, additional sessions are available but are not included in the Gentle Integration Programme fee.

Time: 60-75 minutes

Client Activities check off

This is a ‘pit stop’ on the journey to check how it’s going. We adapt or tweak any activities which may need adjustment. Using kinesiology I also see if the client can be supported further through food sensitivity and / or heavy metal testing, and further recommendations are made.

Time: 30 -45 minutes (1-2 weeks after Session 2)

First Review

More review, this is a time to adapt and may be add activities to keep up the momentum. It is when we establish what will now keep the client making progress.

Time: 60 minutes (6-8 weeks after Session 2)

destination review

This may well be a time to celebrate having reached the desired destination! We may also add or adapt the activities to keep the client moving forwards.

Time: 60 minutes (10-12 weeks after Session 2) 

How much does it cost?

The price for the 90 days programme is £ 360 plus any travel costs if I come to the client's home.
Payments plans are available, just let me know at our initial meeting.

More about what is HANDLE

More about what is kinesiology

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