Current Situation

Although everybody is different, common post-stroke challenges are: exhaustion, speech impairment, feeling clumsy, inability to concentrate or fully control movements. Most stroke survivors are feeling useless and embarrassed about how they compared themselves as they used to be before.

The solution

A programme of 6 sessions with tailored HANDLE® activities to client’s needs, and the joy of knowing partners are also having support too so that you both can move forward together and do ordinary things again. Practical HANDLE time and YES sessions (Your Essential Support)  mean gentle progress is also visible!

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Lida is a skilled and knowledgeable therapist. Her gentle and caring approach immediately put me at ease. She carefully explained every step of the HANDLE process ensuring I understood every stage. Her use of visual resources was particularly welcome as this made it very clear exactly what each HANDLE task was focusing on… If you are curious to discover more and want to know if HANDLE approach could help you or a family member I would highly recommend giving Lida a call.
— Sarah Burnett

The Destination

Being able to engage with family and friends again, accessing greater energy and re-discovered confidence. A zest for life and sense of independence has returned and client’s partner is more relaxed because they feel reassured and unburdened. Both experience a dramatically improved quality of life.

My Promise and what it depends on

My promise to help works together with your commitment– doing the HANDLE activities and using the tools I equip you with. It means devoting 20 to 30 minutes every day so the activities can create new connections in the brain.

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?


Format and Prices

The Stroke Survivor Programme consists of 8 sessions in 90 days:

  • Session 1 - The Exploration Visit

  • Session 2 - YES! Two Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 3 - The Journey

  • Session 4 - YES! Two Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 5 - Client Activities Check Off

  • Session 6 - First Review

  • Session 7 -YES! Two Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 8 - Destination Review

How much does it cost?

The price for the 90 days programme is £ 360 plus any travel costs if I come to the client's home.
Payments plans are available, just let me know at our initial meeting.

More about what is  HANDLE

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?