Current Situation

Although every client's life is different now is often accompanied by feelings of confusion, hopelessness, frustration, inadequacy, stupidity and unworthiness.

The solution

Tailored HANDLE®  activities that are done gently at client’s own pace you may see positive changes in behaviour, social skills, reading, writing , maths and more.

HANDLE happens like magic. You do not realise when it happened. It is like magic and suddenly you can do things you could not do them before.
— Selma aged 9

The Destination

The real individual  shines with confidence, is happy and is beginning to show his / her vibrant true colours. Natural feelings of love for family are expressed - hugs are commonplace. Home hums with joy and harmony and life has, remarkably, become fun again.

My Promise and what it depends on

My promise to help works together with your commitment - doing the HANDLE activities and using the tools I equip your child or young adult with. It means doing 20 to 30 minutes every day so the activities can create new connections in the brain. You will gradually get your life back  and your family dynamic will change in a gentle manner.


Every brain is unique in its neurological wiring, unique in its ability to recover, adapt and adjust.

My daughter had her first therapy session this weekend with Lida, my daughter suffers with ASD, anxiety and has a lot of trouble getting to sleep, after her first session she was relaxed, happy and for the first time in a very long time asleep at 11pm which usually she will stay awake until 1-2 am. Lida was very welcoming and made her feel comfortable so she co operated really well through out the session.
— Laura Marshall
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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?


Format and Prices

The Programme consists of 8 sessions in 90 days:

  • Session 1 - The Exploration Visit

  • Session 2 - YES! Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 3 - The Journey

  • Session 4 - YES! Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 5 - Client Activities Check Off

  • Session 6 - First Review

  • Session 7 - YES! Sessions for Parents, Partners

  • Session 8 - Destination Review

How much does it cost?

The price for the 90 days programme is £ 360 plus any travel costs if I come to the client's home.
Payments plans are available, just let me know at our initial meeting.

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?