HANDLE is an approach which addresses many labels while recognising and demonstrating that ' the label is not who you are'.


HANDLE has provided thousands of individuals with the tools they need to enhance compromised neuro-developmental systems, opening doors to academic, social and behavioural success. It is a non-invasive, non-drug, non-judgmental and friendly approach for all ages and one which respects the individual.

who can use handle

It is for anybody who likes to reach or regain their potential, no matter how mild or severe their issues are with sleeping, concentration, memory, self-confidence, anxiety, chewing, swallowing, brushing hair or teeth, cutting nails, learning, writing, reading, stress, impairment in brain functions, mental / physical decline, improving movement skills, physical limitation, incontinence and more.

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HANDLE combines an understanding of neuroplasticity and the interplay among mind, body and environment to help the brain gently change itself.
— The HANDLE Institute

What is different about handle?

HANDLE is unique in its philosophy and implementation of Gentle Enhancement®. It teaches clients and families to recognise early signs of stress while doing HANDLE activities and to stop a given activities to avoid overload. Stressed and overwhelmed systems become resistant to learning and this can hinder progress towards integration and accomplishing goals. Gentle Enhancement is a valuable tool in learning situations and daily functioning too.

what can we achieve when we work together and we use handle?

It is not uncommon for formerly unresponsive individuals to develop eye contact, seek physical contact, and begin to speak after applying the HANDLE approach.

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?


I am trained as a HANDLE Screener and regularly continue to add to my HANDLE qualifications because I believe so strongly in what it stands for:

H - Holistic: We look at the client's environment, toxicity, nutrition, immune, digestive and nervous systems and more as everything influences and interrelates to everything else.

A - Approach: All HANDLE programmes and activities are tailored to individual needs as everyone has an unique neurodevelopmental make up.

N - Neuro: Neurons that fire together wire together. The brain is in a constant state of adaptation according to stimuli. Neuroplasticity offers hope.

D - Development: HANDLE practitioners help create new neural pathways and enhance neurological systems through rhythmic organised movements, stopping activities at any sign of stress. Stressed systems are less able to learn and adapt.

L - Learning: HANDLE addresses all forms of learning whether academic, social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

E - Efficiency: Accomplishing a task with the least amount of effort and with ease, avoiding a burn out or 'melt down '  is integral to the HANDLE approach.

To learn more about HANDLE, its history and effectiveness visit their website


Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?