Using muscle testing to identify strong and weak muscles. A muscle will test either strong or weak based on the nervous system control of the muscle and responds similar to a switch.


kinesiology is truly therapeutic

Quite often the root of the problem is not where the pain or discomfort lies, for example, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) could relate to an emotional issue; a structural / painful issue in the lower back might be due to an imbalance in the intestines; headaches could originate from a jaw imbalance.

what does vibrant health mean?

When clients are preoccupied with coping with major changes in their family life, trauma or their own specific needs it's easy to forget that vibrant health is the body's default!

here are some of the qualities of vibrant health kinesiology can recover:

  • A clear mind, cheerful and optimistic outlook and desire to learn.

  • A symptom-free body which includes natural rest-full sleep, the joy of regular exercise.

  • Eating well, trouble-free daily elimination, freedom from being drug-dependent.

  • Boundless energy, more balanced emotional well-being and having a zest for life.  

kinesiology is an excellent complement to the HANDLE® approach and everyone can benefit from it.

Areas where it can be applied:

  • In delivering Emotional Stress Release. This usually brings swift relief and the beneficial effects are permanent.

  • In Food Sensitivity. Muscle Testing foods can help detect what's holding a client back from radiant health. Many food sensitivities are 'hidden' and there are no obvious symptoms from eating those foods.

  • Applying Health Balance Tools. These can bring relief from aches and pains, as well as tangible improvements in well-being. 

Why not consider a series of kinesiology sessions to support you through a difficult time?

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Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?