Current Situation

Often this is a time when others expect you to have all the answers and rise to the occasion. Feelings of inadequacy, confusion, frustration, overwhelm and being emotionally drained are common. So, too, is perhaps the sense of isolation. Now may not be where you want to be much of the time…..

The solution

Each time we use kinesiology we help the body return to balance. We also support the body with the right nutritional supplements and the correct food so you can tackle daily situations with a healthy and positive attitude.

lida -obili.jpg
Lida is a such a lovely person, very warm and welcoming, easy to relax with straight away. Lida, has done several treatments for me and over a period of time my health has improved as well as my stress levels. Lida offers a very rare gift a genuine personal service tailored to your needs simply because Lida carers about people
— Cheryl Ann

The Destination

Relief and understanding the best ways to nurture your relationship, which includes you feeling heard and nurtured. Relaxing because you understand your own responses and feeling less burdened. You have established appropriate boundaries and enjoy the order and new rhythms which life is presenting.

after the yes session

After three YES! Sessions you will find the emotional and physical strength to tackle the impossible with healthy attitude whilst remaining relaxed. Feeling heard, lighter and with practical suggestions to ensure your life includes more than the label carer, wife, husband, mum or dad. And of course, you can always treat yourself to more! 


More about what is kinesiology

Want to enjoy relaxed ordinary life again?